General Questions

Daily during summer season from Memorial through Labor Day.

Additionally, weekends from May 1 through mid to late Sept.

Bar and Restaurant is usually open weekends til Oct 31.

Hours vary - generally 10:30 to 5 or 6 weekdays with extended hours on weekends and holidays depending on tourist traffic

Best to contact them directly as hours may vary (419-746-2518) but generally they serve Pizza etc. until 11 pm.

Open generally by 10 am. Bikes and Carts need to be returned by dusk, which varies at different times of the summer. Ask when you pick up to be certain.

Specific Questions

Contact the Golf Cart Booth for current policies. 419-975-2359

Bikes and Carts generally need to be returned by dusk, which varies at different times of the summer. Ask when you pick up to be certain.

You must be 18 yr old, have a valid drivers license and auto insurance.

If uncertain how long you would like to rent, please rent and pay by the hour. If you are new to the island and simply want to take a quick trip around the island to take a look and not make more than a short stop, you would probably want one hour and possibly 2 hours if you stop for lunch or want to visit the Glacial Grooves or sink your toes in the beach. Keep in mind that refunds are not available.

We generally do not have staff for this service. Island Ride Taxi is our local service 419-746-2000 ask them to bring you to the Caddy Shack Rental booth.

On slow weekdays, if you can reach someone at the booth, you can ask if there is any staff who might be available to pick you up at the airport as a favor and you may get lucky!

We generally do not offer reservations due to lack of staff. As a rule, we are the last to run out of carts on the island, so if the island is busy, head over to Caddy Shack Rentals ASAP. Also we try to start opening around 9:30 on weekends, which is the best time to get a cart on a busy weekend or event. We offer First Come First Served service.</p>

<p>If there is a line and no carts available, stay long enough to fill out paperwork, give the attendant a cell number we can call, stay within the Caddy Shack Square with your phone and be back at the booth within 2 min after we call or you will lose your place. If you leave the square, you may not have enough time to get back in time. Please be considerate of other people waiting. (All carts need to be returned by dusk. If carts are scheduled to be back but are not all back by dusk, the police will be notified of any missing carts so our employees can close up on time).

We suggest you rent a cart for 2 hours minimum to allow you the time to stop and enjoy the island. It can well take under an hour to go around the island if you are in a hurry. Generally, people are very happy with 2 hours. If you want to make a day of it, stop have lunch, go to the beach etc. feel free to rent a cart for 8 hours!

Yes, it takes less than 10 minutes to reach the beach by golf cart or bike. There is a parking lot at the beach.

NOTE: Golf Carts and Bikes are not permitted off paved roads as it can damage them. Bikes are fat seat street cruiser bikes, not constructed like off-road mountain bikes. You would be responsible for any damage caused by misuse of bikes or golf carts.

We do not offer helmets baskets, trailers, or tandem. We recommend you please bring child seat as you would use in your vehicle, one seat can be belted in the back seat with seat belt.

Lockers are available next to the golf cart booth for a small fee.

Must be at least 18 years with valid drivers license and auto insurance. Carts must be kept on the pavement. Rules of the road are the same as any vehicle on the road. No jumping on carts, no alcohol, keep distance from person in front of you. Tourist do not generally pay attention when walking around the congested areas, so please be aware of your surrounding and the possibility of people stepping out into the street, etc.

Any damage to golf carts will be the renters responsibility. You will be required to sign a form explaining the rules when you pick up your cart and leave your drivers license until the cart is return. Upon return, be certain to notify the booth so you can pick up and validate you have received the correct license.

Please contact the booth for the current policies on group rates. 419-975-2359

When you disembark, walk straight up the hill, cross Lakeshore Dr/Water Street , continue down Division Street 1/2 block (pass the Island Market) on the left our Caddy Shack Rental
 gazebo is located next to the sidewalk
(with blue roof) before you walk down the drive to the restaurant and before the Putt-Putt course.

Kelleys Island Ferry Dock is located on the southeast end of town:

5 mi, 10 min walk…Exit the parking lot going westor left on E. Lakeshore Dr. Go 2 full blocks - 2 min drive / 7-10 min walk along the our
 beautiful lake view
 (which will be on your left) to Division Street. 
Turn right and on Division St., go down about 1/2 block on the left is our Caddy Shack Rental booth next to the sidewalk (with blue roof). We are appx. 2 city blocks from the Kelleys Island Ferry Boat which leaves from Marblehead, Ohio.

Downtown is .8 mi east of Venture Resort Hotel (17 min walk, 3 min drive).

Caddy Shack Rentals (Golf Cart / Bike Rental and 18-hole Old-Fashioned Putt-Putt), Dipper Dan's Ice Cream Stand (featuring local Tof’t’s Brand), Caddy Shack Restaurant and Buckeye “Patio” Bar (Pizza, Subs, Salads, full bar), Island Mining Co. (Rocks, Gems, Fossils)/Gems & Jewels (Sterling Silver Jewelry)/Gem Mining Station, Taste by the Lake (Coffee Shop/Bakery/Café), The Little Healing Room (Acupuncture / Massage Therapy / Reiki) and The Healing Seed Shoppe (homeopathic remedies, essential oils, nutritional supplements, gluten free snacks) in the white house on North end of property. Check out the "About Us" section.

27 min walk, 5 min car ride, 6-8 min bicycle ride/golf cart ride (1.4 mi) straight north on Division St from Caddy Shack Square shortly before the beach.

Alcoholic beverages must be kept within the bar limits. Basically, the same rules apply as would any average city. Refer to the Kelleys Island Police department for clarity: 419-746-2735.  Note: We have a lot of families and children who visit the island. Thank you for being considerate and respectful to our property, island and our visitors.

You can look through our website for more information on Caddy Shack Square and visit our "About Kelleys Island" page for outside links.

Please deposit all trash at the transfer station: