Recruiting employees (J-1 Visa and local) for summer season !

Showing up for work bright eyed, fresh and enthusiastic to work, generally you will most likely work all day without official break and will need to prepare and bring your lunch with you and eat during slow periods throughout the day in a polite fashion. You may be given 1-2 day(s) a week off per week depending on the number of employees we acquire.

You will be required to work everyday you are scheduled, (unless you are willing to take less hours all season). There will be no approved time off on any Holidays, Weekends, Festivals or potential busy times in during the season. Generally Mon, Tue, or Wed will be your possible day(s) off. Not all requested days off will be approved. Keep in mind that the first employees to arrive will usually receive more hours than the last to arrive.

You are required to remain inside the shop you are working, so you should bring with you what you need for the day (like food - already prepared, a sweater if you get cold, something to drink etc). Please leave your electronic devices in your room, they are not permitted at work and will be taken from you if you are found with them at work and you may be sent home if you abuse this rule.

Personality needed: Outgoing personality, able to move quickly to accomplish a task, helpful to other co-workers and customers, interested in people, willing to do all the required tasks including folding, straightening, cleaning and regular upkeep of their area. Someone with good observations skills and able to take the initiative to make a sale or improve the area. The ability to multitasking is of great benefit as you generally work alone and can be accomplishing several things at once along with greeting the customer, etc.


Seeking a dedicated Maintenance person who will perform general upkeep duties, completion of work orders, and will perform quality work on any assigned project.  Here is your opportunity to work for a company who values dedication to those who keep our business running effectively. This is a temporary full-time position that may lead to permanent.

Technical Skills

  • Performing plumbing, HVAC, and electrical repairs
  • Indoor and outdoor facilities maintenance
  • Performing monthly maintenance and safety checks in buildings, machinery, and equipment
  • Responding to afterhours maintenance calls
  • Assisting with general cleaning as needed
  • Locking and unlocking buildings as necessary


Booga Shack is the biggest and most challenging shop and encompasses several sections, and is based on Booga Wear. It is exclusive to Kelleys Island, an original creation & printed in the store which makes it a great tourist attraction and souvenir. People come back every year to visit the Booga Shack and buy their stock of Booga Wear. This section requires constant folding and must be maintained after each round of customers come and go.

Beach Rack and has a beach theme of clothing, novelties, sunscreen etc. This section also requires maintaining but most things are hung rather than folded but generally all the items get placed back in the wrong position, so need to be straightened after each round of customers come and go.

Flip Flop Shop which includes sandals, hats, sunglasses and women's clothing. The same maintenance is required especially for shoes in boxes, as customers sometimes switch the boxes or sizes, so they need to be constantly checked.

All of these sections use the same cash register station. The employee in this shop will not have time to sit down, there is ALWAYS something to be done. This is considered the most challenging position and requires a very conscientious employee willing to engage with customers and easily maintain shop and watch for customers coming and going.

Technical Skills

  • Work in high pace evironment
  • Customer friendly
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Sales experience
  • Able to work a cash register
  • Great work ethic


We are interested in offering guided tours & tourist info to Kelleys Island, Ohio Summer Tourist. This opportunity is open to on-island residents or persons with housing (no housing provided) of good physical shape for hiking and physical activities, etc. interested in their own business or commission based. If you would like to discuss the possibilities

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of Kelleys Island
  • Customer friendly
  • Ability to work in a fast pace environment

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