Recruiting employees:

- Sales Associates (J-1 Visa and local) for summer season ! - Handiman / Groundskeeper / Maintenance - Massage Therapist


Massage Therapists Wanted at The Little Healing Room - Spend the summer on Kelleys Island doing what you love to do!

We are looking for dependable Ohio Licensed Massage Therapist to serve our local and tourist community. Best candidate would be a qualified single person, without pets or family obligations to rush home to. Ideally we are looking for a qualified person who can stay the summer season on the island or travel back and forth, several days a week. This could be an extra job one day a week, working mornings, then enjoy the island for several hours before taking the ferry back to the mainland for the day...OR...enjoy the opportunity of a life-time, spending the summer on one of the the islands in one of the Great Lakes, making new friends with our other awesome employees and staying in our shared employee housing. Position packages are negotiable. This is a temporary, full or part-time summer-seasonal position.

Because housing on the island is limited, most business provide low cost housing to their own employees. This is generally given to the employees we feel will most comprehensively benefit the business which may be on a first come basis, so apply now for the next summer season!


Island Mining Co and Gems 'n Jewels: 

Rock Shoppe and Sterling Silver Gem Stone Jewelry Shoppe. This is a temporary, summer-seasonal position.

We are looking for awesome applicants who are enthusiastic about helping customers find just the right item to make their day on Kelleys Island. We want our customers to come back year after year, generations after generation. Our focus is building relationships, not just selling an item. They can buy an item at Walmart, lol. People come to the island to have a unique experience like meeting YOU or to "experience" the shop!!! Whatever they purchase will help remind them of the amazing time they spent on Kelleys Island. That is our goal. They should be coming back looking for you on their next visit. Your job is to find a way to create that scenario. You must be customer friendly with a positive attitude. We look for an ability to quickly and easily make connections with customers while guiding them to a memorable purchase, (as apposed to monopolizing their time). If you are a social person, this would be a great fit. If you have sales experience even better. If you are interested or have experience with semi-precious gemstone jewelry or selling jewelry, this would be amazing.

Duties: retail sales and customer service, tidiness and cleanliness of shop / store room / shop bathroom / front of shop, daily cashier sales and reporting, opening and closing duties, restocking as needed, gauging when to order low stock and communication with owner/manager through text or in-person. Must have working cell phone service (AT&T is best option on the island for service at this time)

The Healing Seed:

Supporting retail shop to The Little Healing Room Wellness Center offering healthy snacks options, Standard Process Brand Supplements, incense, sage, essential oils, Pocket RocksTM, crystals. This is a temporary, summer-seasonal position.

Duties: customer service and retail sales, maintain cleanliness of store room, shop, and bathroom, daily casher and money handling, sales and reporting, opening and closing duties, scheduling therapy appointments, communication with owner/manager.

We are looking for the same type of awesome applicants as above.

Duties: retail sales and customer service, tidiness and cleanliness of shop, treatment room, store room, porch, deck and shop bathroom, daily cashier sales and reporting, opening and closing duties, massage bed sheet turnover, laundering, folding and set-up, communication with owner/manager.

For more info: contact boogannex@gmail.com (use subject line: Job on KI)

Employee Shared Housing may be available for the above positions.



Several other business in the same plaza seek summer seasonal employees. There is a coffee shop / bakery, craft and gift shop, clothing shop etc. and many more on the island looking for employees.

contact: boogannex@gmail.com (use subject line: Jobs on Kelleys Island)

Technical Skills

  • Work in high pace evironment
  • Customer friendly
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Sales experience
  • Able to work a cash register
  • Great work ethic


Seeking a dedicated Handiman for maintenance / Groundskeeper

...who will perform general upkeep duties, completion of work orders, and will perform quality work on any assigned project.  Here is your opportunity to work for a company who values dedication to those who keep our business running effectively. This is a temporary part-time position.

Technical Skills

  • Indoor and outdoor facilities maintenance including leaf blowing, litter removal, weed control, plants and foliage maintenance, keeping drains clear.
  • Performing monthly maintenance and safety checks in buildings, machinery, and equipment
  • Assisting with general cleaning as needed
  • Locking and unlocking buildings as necessary
  • Performing upkeep as qualified or arranging repairs of structures, mechanicals, plumbing, HVAC, and electricals


We are interested in offering guided tours & tourist info to Kelleys Island, Ohio Summer Tourist. This opportunity is open to on-island residents or persons with housing (no housing provided) of good physical shape for hiking and physical activities, etc. interested in their own business or commission based. If you would like to discuss the possibilities

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of Kelleys Island
  • Customer friendly
  • Ability to work in a fast pace environment

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115 Division St, Kelleys Island, OH 43438

Job contact: boogannex@gmail.com